*Prices subject to change*  Please contact us for the most up to date information.

Soups and Salads

French Onion Soup- 9.95

           Slowly simmered onions with an irresistible topping of melted mozzarella

Homemade Soup- Bowl- 8.95

                          Cup- 6.95

Spicy Caribbean Salad- 17.95

           Spicy grilled chicken tossed with a blend of pineapple, hearts of palm, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber

Turkey Salad- 15.95

           Fresh roasted turkey over garden greens with mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers

Caesar Salad- ½ 8.95, Full- 12.95, w/chicken (full size only)- 16.95, w/ 6 fried oysters- 16.95

           Crisp romaine, tasty croutons, and fresh Parmesan tossed in a light Caesar dressing (anchovies on request)


Jerk Chicken- 12.95

            A Jamaican delicacy served with honey mustard sauce

Meatball Cocktail- 12.95

            Homemade meatballs, tomato sauce, and melted mozzarella cheese

Baked Brie in Puffed Pastry- 15.95

            Served with a honey glaze, fresh sliced apples, walnuts, and stoned wheat crackers

Potato Skins and Cheese- 10.95             w/ cheese and bacon- 12.95

            Sour cream on the side      

Green Beans- 12.95

            Deep-fried, breaded green beans with ranch dressing                 

Chicken Fingers- 12.95

            Four deep fried chicken breast pieces served with a side of honey mustard sauce    

Wings and Spicy Fries- 15.95

            A plentiful combo of spicy chicken and seasoned potato wedges

Cheese Crock with Crackers- 10.95

Crab Balls-  13.95

Cheese Quesadilla- 11.95

           With salsa and sour cream

Fried oysters (10)- 13.95

Nachos- 11.95

           Crisp chips piled high with melted cheese, onion, jalapeno peppers, olives, homemade salsa and sour cream


served with chips and a pickle

Prime rib sandwich- 18.95

            Served open faced on a house roll with au jus

Teriyaki chicken Sandwich- 13.95

            Marinated grilled chicken breast

Chicken Salad Sandwich- 13.95

Chicken Salad and Fruit Cup- 16.95

Chicken Salad Supreme- 13.95

            Mixed with walnuts and raisins

Crab Cake Sandwich- 18.95

            All lump crab cake, broiled or fried

Roast Turkey Sandwich- 13.95

Goin Nuts Burgers- 11.95             w/bacon- 12.95             w/cheese- add .75

            8oz of fresh ground beef  

                        Choose from: cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, fontina, or Monterey jack

Fried Fish Sandwich- 14.95

           Fresh flounder fried crisp and served on a fresh house roll, choice of tartar or cocktail sauce

Turkey Bacon Cheddar Wrap- 14.95

            Fresh roasted turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato, rolled in a flour tortilla

Chicken Salad Wrap-  14.95

           Our homemade chicken salad, lettuce, cheddar cheese and salsa, served in a 10" flour tortilla

Corned Beef and Swiss (hot or cold)- 14.95

            Lean and piled high on pumpernickel with Dijon horseradish sauce on the side

Hickory Ham and Swiss- 12.95

            Smoky hickory ham sliced thin and piled high with Swiss on rye

Open Faced Reuben- 15.95

           Hot corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss, and Thousand Island dressing on rye with a small side of coleslaw

Turkey, Brie and Apple- 15.95

           Fresh roasted turkey, brie cheese and golden delicious apple, served warm on a brioche roll

Liverwurst Sandwich- 10.95

            Served on rye with onion and your choice of mustard

BLT-  11.95

            Everyone’s favorite! Served on white toast

Hot Diggity Dog- 8.95

            Jumbo grilled frank

Crab Cake BLT- 18.95

            Lump crab cake, Monterey jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato

Meatball Sandwich with mozzarella cheese- 14.95

Charlie's Grilled Cheese- 6.95

Fish & Chips- 16.95

            Four rockfish fingers and fries


Additional toppings $1 each: pepperoni, salami, ham,

anchovies, red onion, fresh mushrooms, and pineapple

Simply Cheese- 10.95

            Mozzarella and cheddar with rich tomato sauce

Bianco Pizza- 10.95

           No tomato sauce, but lots-a mozzarella and fontina, scattered with aromatic oregano and basil

Café Pizza- 24.95

            Heavy homemade pesto, fresh lump crab meat, and fontina cheese

Pizza Margarita- 13.95

            Fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella cheese


Accompanied by fresh breads and your choice of two sides: vegetable du jour,

French fries, spicy fries, baked potato, Cole slaw, applesauce, fruit cup, or side salad

Prime Rib

           Top quality rib cooked to your specifications, blackened by request

                        Café cut (10oz)- 27.95

                        Beefeater (15oz)- 32.95

Beef Short Ribs- 27.95

           Boneless beef ribs, hand seasoned, and oven roasted, served in a classic demi glaze with rice

NY Strip- 32.95

            12 oz center cut. Never disappoints!

Chicken Piccata- 24.95

            Lightly sautéed chicken in white wine with a hint of lemon and a sprinkling of capers

Chicken Marsala- 24.95

            Sautéed boneless breast with fresh mushrooms and Marsala wine

Italian Chicken- 24.95

           Tender chicken lightly breaded and fried served over angel hair pasta and topped with tomato sauce and                    mozzarella cheese

City Slicker Chicken- 24.95

           Melted mozzarella and prosciutto ham atop grilled boneless chicken, simmering garlic cream sauce, served                over rice

Thai Seafood- 28.95

           Sautéed jumbo shrimp, scallops, mushrooms, green peppers, and onion tossed in a spicy Thai seasoning and            served over rice

Curried Honey Shrimp- 26.95

           Large, whole shrimp sauteed with broccoli florets in a honey curry sauce, Served over rice, A savory combination

Crab Cakes- 33.95

            Two all lump crab cakes, fried or broiled

Broiled Sea Scallops- 28.95

            ½ pound of large tender sea scallops broiled in butter

Fried Shrimp- 23.95

            5 large shrimp lightly breaded and fried

Shrimp Parmesan- 24.95

           Jumbo fried shrimp served with a rice homemade tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella

Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp- 28.95

           Angel hair pasta with 7 sautéed shrimp and prosciutto ham tossed in a golden garlic cream sauce

Salmon Filet- 26.95

            Broiled in tarragon butte

Blackened Chicken over Creamy Garlic Pasta-  26.95

           Blackened, boneless breast, sliced over angel hair pasta in a rich garlic cream sauce


Side Salad- 4.25

Vegetable du Jour- 1.95

Angel Hair Pasta and Tomato Sauce- 5.25

Angel Hair and Garlic Cream Sauce- 6.95

Side of Salsa- 1.50

Side of Guacamole- 1.50

Cole Slaw- 1.95

Homemade Meatball and Tomato Sauce- 4.50

Applesauce- 1.50

French Fries- 3.95

Spicy Fries- 3.95

Onion Rings- 4.95

Baked Potato- 1.95

Fruit Cup- 4.50

Extra Cheese, Sauce, Dressing, Sour Cream, etc. $.75

Lite Fare

Accompanied by fresh breads and your choice of one side: vegetable du jour,

French fries, spicy fries, baked potato, cole slaw, applesauce, fruit cup, or side salad

Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp (4) and Prosciutto- 18.95

            Served in a garlic cream sauce

Ravioli (5)- 13.95

            Cheese ravioli in our rich tomato sauce

Crab Twins- 17.95

            All lump crab imperial atop English muffins, topped with melted cheese

Angel Hair Pasta with Meatballs- 14.95

            Homemade meatballs in tomato sauce

Flounder Platter- 16.95

            Moist fillets of flounder lightly breaded and deep-fried

Tango Turkey- 16.95

           Hot oven roasted sliced turkey breast blends well with peach chutney over rice pilaf

Thai Chicken- 15.95

            Grilled seasoned chicken breast served over rice. Spic

Chicken Salad and Fried Oysters- 18.95

            Our famous chicken salad served with a ½ dozen fried oysters